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Flat Rate Pickup

Instead of using dumpster after dumpster to haul your demolished house to an overpriced landfill, have Landfill Reduction pick up  your demolition waste on your job site using their flat rate pick up service. Materials will be recycled and the flat rate service typically costs less than traditional waste disposal methods. 

Using large, efficient walking floor semis, most home demolition projects can be hauled in 1-2 truck loads. Trucking and disposal is charged using a single per ton rate. No additional surcharges, fees, or administrative costs. 

Sheboygan - Demolition Pickup 

Landfill Reduction's offers waste management pick up of demolition material from jobs sites in the Sheboygan, Sheboygan Falls, Two Rivers and Manitowic areas.

Landfill Reduction Waste Management and Construction Recycling in Wisconsin