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"A Construction Materials Recycling Company"

Typical Projects

Wood Recycling 


Wood is sorted, graded, and ground on site. The wood is used in a variety of end markets including animal bedding, erosion control products, landscaping mulch, and boiler fuel.

Drywall Recycling


New, unpainted gypsum wallboard  is processed onsite and used as a WDNR approved soil amendment. Local farms use recycled drywall to improve soil conditions, increase available nutrients to crops while saving money relative to traditional fertilizer

Are you a rolloff company, private transfer station, landfill? Looking to reduce long term costs and save landfill space? Partner with Landfill Reduction & Recycling to make Wisconsin a greener place!

Landfill Reduction works with partner waste collection companies and facilities to improve state wide recycling of construction materials. Contact us today! 

Are you in need of a waste dumpster? Use one of our partner rolloff companies for your disposal services to ensure it is recycled!

We accept materials from residential drop offs as well as from our partner transfer stations. If you're contracting the work, make sure your contractor or waste hauler is sending these materials to Landfill Reduction.

Landfill Reduction & Recycling, a construction and demolition waste management recycling company serving the Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay, Madison, Steven Point, and Milwaukee Areas.

Featured Commodities

  • Wood (Pallets, 2X4s, Plywood, Painted, Press board, etc)
  • All Metal
  • New Drywall
  • Residential Shingles
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Cardboard
  • Aggregate (Concrete, Rock, Brick, Asphalt)

Materials Recycled

Vinyl Recycling


Vinyl siding is recyclable! Vinyl siding is processed into flake form and is shipped back to vinyl siding manufacturers which is then used to create new vinyl siding.


Builders, excavation companies, and demolition contractors: work with Landfill Reduction to make sure your material is recycled.  We provide LEED documentation!

No sorting is required and working with Landfill Reduction typically costs the same or less than landfilling it.


Waste Industry

  • New Home Construction
  • Residential Demolition
  • Commercial Loads (Pallets, Cardboard, etc)
  • Commercial Demolition
  • Clean Wood Loads
  • Clean Aggregate Loads
  • Roofing Projects
  • Vinyl Siding Projects

Construction Waste Management Recycling

Landfill Reduction Waste Management and Construction Recycling in Wisconsin